Ultherapy: Noticeable Results With No Downtime

After the last two years, we’re all seeing the visible effects of aging on the skin. Let’s face it, what we thought would be a temporary thing has segued into a new way of doing life. We’ve all adjusted to work meetings via Zoom, and now we’re engaging even more on dating and social apps online. This new way of doing life is a lot more convenient, it’s also made it even more critical that we make a positive lasting impression while on camera.

We often have patients approach us looking for solutions for improving their appearance both online and in-person. We’re hearing a lot of, “I don’t like the shadows on my face in my zoom conferences”, and “I look older on camera”. It’s true that poor lighting and lower quality camera lenses point flashing lights at fine wrinkles and saggy skin. Our patients are looking for cost-effective treatments with long-term benefits, and it’s why we often recommend Ultherapy for facial rejuvenation.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy uses ultrasound imaging to deliver energy to create new collagen that lifts your skin. In fact, Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved treatment on the market that is proven to tighten skin at the neck, chin, and brow, and that improves lines and wrinkles on the upper chest. Patients love it for the noticeable yet natural-looking results it produces. Because there’s virtually no downtime after having a treatment, men and women can return to normal activities immediately.

How Ultherapy Works

To understand the benefits of Ultherapy, we need to provide some education on collagen. Collagen is a protein that provides structure and support for your skin and other organs. As we age, collagen production slows down, while existing collagen becomes weaker with external stressors like UV exposure and smoking. That’s when we start to notice visible signs of aging in the form of saggy skin, fine lines, and skin folds. Enter Ultherapy.

Collagen Comeback

Unlike lasers and radiofrequency devices, Ultherapy bypasses the skin’s surface using focused amounts of ultrasound energy to rev up your body’s ability to make new collagen. The Ultherapy device is unique in that it allows us to dial in on how much energy is being deposited into your skin to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit.

Image courtesy of ultherapy.com.

Who Will See Benefit From Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is safe and effective on all Fitzpatrick skin types. Patients as young as late 20s to early 30s are using Ultherapy as a preventative treatment for keeping lines, wrinkles and skin sag at bay.

Anyone searching for a nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment to address the signs of aging with moderate skin laxity will see improvement. There is little to no downtime with Ultherapy, making it convenient to have a treatment on a lunch break or at the end of a business day. The most common side effect is minor swelling, and in most cases you go right back to normal activities immediately following treatment.

Ultherapy Results Take Time

Full disclosure: you’re not going to see an immediate result with your Ultherapy treatment. Remember that Ultherapy is working deep in your skin to repair and rebuild on a structural level.  It takes time, much like muscle building or weight loss. You start to see the visual changes at 3-6 months following your treatment. We should caution that Ultherapy does not replace a facelift.  If you’re unsure as to exactly what you need, we recommend an evaluation by Dr. MacGregor to decide.

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