To Botox or Not To Botox? How To Tell If You’re Really Ready

What is Botox?

Botox is a cosmetic treatment designed to relax muscles that eventually cause wrinkles on the face and neck.  We call them dynamic wrinkles or dynamic expression lines because they are the wrinkles you notice when you raise your eyebrows, squint, smile, and frown. While Botox is trending for younger patients (early 20s) who are wanting to prevent wrinkles altogether, Botox was originally repurposed and continues to be the most popular treatment for men and women starting in their 30s and 40s who desire to soften the appearance of aging.

We often have patients ask, “Am I ready for Botox?” The answer is, while your face may be showing the effects of age, UV damage, and stress, only you can decide what’s right for you. If you’re not sure whether it’s time for Botox, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I seeing fine lines when my face is at rest?
  • Do I like the way I look on webcams and Zoom?
  • Do my eyelids feel heavier than usual?
  • Are my friends and family asking me, “What’s wrong?” or, “Are you getting enough rest lately?”
  • Does my face look older in certain pictures and lighting?
  • Do the lines on my face get deeper when I scowl or raise my eyebrows?

Of course, if you answered yes to any or many of the above questions, Botox is a viable option for you. You probably have some questions about the treatment details and cost.

Botox Treatment

At 450 Derm, we believe in taking a conservative approach to facial rejuvenation. Our goal is to refresh your appearance, not freeze your face. Botox is administered by Board-Certified Dermatologist and skin expert Dr. David MacGregor. During your consultation with Dr. MacGregor, your unique facial anatomy and dynamic expression will be evaluated to determine how many units of Botox soften and smooth your dynamic wrinkles. Once the number of units has been determined and pricing reviewed, Dr. MacGregor performs your Botox treatment. Micro-injections of botox are placed into the facial muscles taking approximately 10 minutes. Minor redness and swelling are very common side effects of Botox treatment that typically resolve within an hour. You can expect your wrinkles and dynamic movement to be minimized over the next 2-14 days following your Botox treatment. You can expect your Botox treatment to last 3 months before a touch-up treatment is necessary.

Botox Cost

At 450 Derm, we offer Botox Cosmetic at   $13/unit. Your total will depend on the number of units per area needed to give you results in keeping with your goals. You can trust that we will always review costs with you prior to injections. Allergan, the makers of Botox Cosmetic offer Botox users a loyalty program to save money on initial and future treatments of Botox. To enroll in Alle Rewards and begin saving on your Botox treatments click here.

To schedule your Botox consultation with Dr. David MacGregor, click here.